How Long Must Concrete Cure Before Pressure Washing

The chemical structure of concrete is the precise thing that allows it to turn into such a structurally sound product, but it also necessitates you taking great care when it comes to maintaining it in the long run at any given point in time. A major aspect of taking care of concrete is to ensure that it has an adequate amount of time to cure in some way, shape or form, and a big part of the reason why that is the case has to do with the fact that failing to let it cure will make it seem rather soft and crumbly to the touch.

You should always remember this when you go for Bellaire pressure washing since suffice it to say that post washing curing for concrete will remain a considerably crucial thing to keep in mind. We have spoken to countless people who told us that their pressure washing endeavors made their concrete so unsafe that they had to pour a new batch entirely, so if you want to avoid having to go through that you need to recognize the curing process and ensure that you complete it.

Generally speaking, you need to give concrete about thirty days to cure before pressure washing it. That would allow it to settle into the most solid form possible, thereby making pressure washing useful rather than destructive to any extent at all. If the concrete has not been given sufficient curing time, much of the water will penetrate into it and you will have an exceedingly difficult time getting most of it out. Any expert will tell you that a thirty day cure time is mandatory prior to washing.