Marianne Wells Yoga School

Finding Your Place in The Yoga Community as a Certified Instructor

Everyone talks so much about what you should prior to and during the process of becoming a certified yoga instructor that we often forget about what is supposed to come after. When you finally get through all of the trials and tribulations that are an inevitable part of this journey, there is a pretty good chance that you’d be confused with respect to what you should do next. It might sound deceptively simple to figure it out, but you’d be surprised at how many people end up feeling like this or something similar to it.

The truth of the situation is that going to Marianne Wells Yoga School will be one of the best experiences of your life, but once it is over you might struggle to find your place in the yoga community. This is because of the fact that certified instructors have some huge responsibilities as the guardians of an ancient tradition. Understanding your options is the crucial first step that you must take if you want to find your place sooner rather than later, and we are going to lay out some of your choices right now so that you can make a decision without any further delay.

One option is that you can start your own business as a yoga trainer. The fact of the matter is that this can earn you a lot of money whilst also securing your independence. Another option involves going into sports medicine. This is a field that pays a lot, and it will also put you smack dab in the center of yet another time honored human custom which is a nice added bonus.