wedding venues in southern maine

How to Find the Best Wedding Venues in Southern Maine

Weddings involve several decisions, usually divided between ceremony and celebration. Choosing the right venue might take up a lot of time for couples.

While there are hundreds of wedding venues in southern maine, you cannot just select any venue without taking the following considerations into account.

  1. Space

The reception area must be spacious enough to accommodate all of the guests. A wedding venue may appear large at first glance, but wedding necessities (chairs, tables, buffet setup, band setup, dance floor, etc.) take up a lot of space. Take into account that your guests will require some elbow room.

  1. Confidentiality

The majority of newlyweds value their solitude. They would undoubtedly appreciate an intimate, private reception that kept wedding crashers at bay.

Unless you are happy with other people seeing your wedding (which is valid for public celebrations), you should consider locations that allow clients to purchase out the room exclusively (on a guest-only basis). 

  1. Lighting

The lights set the scene for the whole place. If your wedding is during the day, make sure the site you choose has a lot of windows. If your wedding is at night, make sure the place isn’t too dark. Make sure you can change the lights in the entryways and dining places. If you’re having a wedding at night outside, you may want to find out if you and your team can set up lights.

  1. View

It’s always a good idea to choose places with beautiful views of the city skyline, waves, greenery, etc. No matter what it is, the details can make the place even better. They can also keep the guests busy while they wait for the event to start. They are also great ways to break the ice between people you don’t know.

  1. Outlets

Check the place carefully to see if it has enough outlets to plug in things that need to be plugged in. This is especially true if the area you want to get married in isn’t often used for weddings. Take note of where the plugs are precisely installed.

  1. Parking

Most places have plenty of parking and security guards in uniforms. But if there aren’t any prominent parking spots, make sure there’s a clear street where guests can properly and legally park.

In Conclusion

You can always do things the other way around. For example, you can choose a dinner before you decide on further essential wedding details like your guest list, or you can select the venue before you choose a wedding date to make sure that the place is all yours. No matter what you choose, the tips mentioned above will definitely help you choose the best setting for your wedding day.