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Get the Party Started with These Fun Table Toppers

No party is complete without some fun and festive table toppers! Whether you’re throwing a birthday bash, or holiday get-together, or just want to add some extra pizzazz to your décor, these easy DIYs are sure to do the trick.

  1. 1. DIY Confetti Table Topper:

This one is perfect for any party! All you need is some tissue paper, scissors, and clear tape. Cut the tissue paper into small squares, and then tape them onto a piece of clear tablecloth or plastic. Voila – instant confetti!

  1. Balloon Table Topper:

This one is sure to add some whimsy to your décor! Simply blow up some balloons and tie them to the back of your tablecloth. Make sure to use a strong string or ribbon so they don’t float away!

  1. Glitter Table Topper:

For a more glam look, try this glitter table topper. All you need is some glue and glitter. Simply apply the glue in whatever design you like, then sprinkle on the glitter. Let it dry and enjoy your sparkly table.

  1. Pomp Pom Table Topper:

This cheerful table topper is perfect for any occasion! Just make or buy some pom poms in your desired colours, then hot glue them onto a piece of ribbon or string. Hang it across the front of your table for a fun and festive look.

  1. Lantern Table Topper:

This one is perfect for winter parties! Hang some lanterns from the front of your tablecloth, using a fishing line or clear string. Fill the lanterns with LED lights or real candles, then sit back and enjoy the ambiance.

  1. Winter Drawing Game:

To play this game, you will need to find a few pictures of winter scenes. Tape the pictures to the wall, and then have the guests try to draw them. The guest with the best drawing wins a prize.

  1. Snowman Candles:

This is a fun decoration that can double as a game. Melt white candles and pour them into small snowman moulds. Place the snowmen around the party table topper. Then, the guests can race to see who can melt their snowman the fastest.

  1. Wooden Signs:

Use a sharpie to write out a festive message on a piece of wood. You can even include the names of the guest of honour and the year. Hang your sign from a ribbon or clothesline.

  1. Snowflake Wreath:

This is a great decoration for your front door. All you need is a wreath form, a white ribbon, and some snowflakes. Wrap the ribbon around the wreath form. Then, glue the snowflakes to the ribbon.


These fun and festive table toppers are sure to get any party started! With a little creativity, you can easily make your own topper that will wow your guests.